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Features of the LockLatch 

The LockLatch range consists of the LockLatch, PetLatch and MiniLatch and these security devices offer a range of benefits to homeowners, ranging from simply improving security by adding additional locks to windows or doors to providing ventilation to help improve the circulation of fresh air in your space. Many of these benefits stem directly from the unique, patented design and unmatched versatility.


Perfect for Safe Ventilation, small Pets Access, as a Window Restrictor and Caravan, Motorhome and Boat Security.
LockLatch™ adjusts between 3.6” to 6.7” [9cms to 17cms]


The perfect Pet Door alternative for small to medium sized dogs.
PetLatch™ adjusts between 5.7” to 9” [14.5cms to 23cms]


Let fresh air in, keep opportunistic intruders out. Also good for keeping unwanted critters and animal pests out and indoor cats in.
MiniLatch™ adjusts between 1.8” and 3.1” [4.5 - 8 cms]

What makes LockLatch so unique?

In a world of highly specialised security solutions the LockLatch range really stands out for its ability to secure any type of window or door, and this versatility is one of its most prominent features. However, it is the ability of the device to let you lock your windows or doors in an open position that truly sets it apart. This means that the device offers a range of additional benefits to homes, sheds and offices aside from simply improving security. LockLatches are a great way to improve airflow through your home, and better ventilation brings a wide variety of health benefits to improve your general wellbeing. It can also provide the perfect alternative to a dog door or cat flap as it allows you to keep the door or window slightly open, but still locked. 

Keep Windows Open Securely

An open window can be a big security issue, as they provide a potential entry point for burglars or home invaders, but that said, there are many instances where you may need an open window. You may need better airflow in your space, or need to cool it down and in these instances, LockLatches can be used without compromising your home security. The device can be installed on any type of window in minutes and this means it is the perfect solution to secure your basement or garage windows. LockLatch also functions as a window restrictor to keep children safe from falls.

Keep doors open, yet secure 

LockLatch is just as effective at securing your doors in the open position as it is with windows. An open door is a great way to provide ventilation, particularly in smaller homes or apartments where it can be difficult to create the cross-ventilation required for the adequate circulation of fresh air. Because of the versatile design the LockLatch isn’t just for the home, it can be used to secure motorhome doors, boat hatches, garage doors and more. 

An Alternative Pet Access Device

LockLatch and PetLatch make a fantastic dog door or cat flap alternative for small to medium-sized dogs and outdoor cats respectively. It is an inexpensive alternative to fixed doggie doors, and offers many benefits over traditional solutions. LockLatch doesn’t require you to permanently damage doors to install it; can be adjusted for a larger opening as your pet grows; and can be fitted onto their favourite door or window, to eliminate the need for retraining.

Fits any Door or Window

LockLatch can be fitted onto any type of door or window, and this versatility is due to the unique design. The device works by connecting an adjustable arm from the frame to the door or window itself. This design ensures that regardless of the style of door or window or the materials used, the LockLatch can be installed in minutes. It doesn’t matter if it is a uPVC, aluminum, metal-framed door or a heavy wooden front door, the LockLatch will fit.

How Does the LockLatch Work?

LockLatch works by connecting the window or door that needs to be locked to its own frame. To do this it has three highly specialised parts each made from C304 stainless steel. Starting with the U bolt, which is generally attached to the frame and allows for easy fitting to different styles of door or window; an adjustable steel arm with locking pin, which allows you to control the size of the opening; and finally, the locking mechanism itself which secures the locking pin in place and prevents the window or door from being opened.

Highly Durable Material

The LockLatch range is constructed entirely out of C304 stainless steel and this durable material means the device is able to keep all but the most determined thieves out. It also means that no matter what part of the U.S. you are based in, LockLatch is able to withstand whatever the environment might throw at it, including salty sea spray and freezing temperatures, without losing any integrity. In fact, we are so confident in the durability of the device, we offer a lifetime guarantee on every device.

Lifetime Guarantee 

The LockLatch lifetime guarantee is a commitment we make to replace or refund any device that is damaged by environmental factors. This guarantee shows our faith in the strength and integrity of the device, which is largely due to the high-quality stainless steel used in its construction, as well as the robust design.

Quick and Easy Installation 

Not only can LockLatches be fitted to any type of window or door, but it can be installed quickly and easily with almost no DIY knowledge. All you need is a drill as well as a pop rivet gun if you are using the supplied rivets, or a screwdriver, if you are using the screws. 


For U.S. customers the LockLatch range is shipped directly from our distribution centre in Camarillo, California and delivered via USPS ensuring efficient and prompt delivery. We charge a flat fee of $5 for orders of one or two devices, while orders of three or more will be delivered free of charge.

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What’s Included with the LockLatch?

Every LockLatch comes with the device itself, a set of 2 keys and the attachments required for installation. This simple package is one of the easiest and most effective ways to secure your home, office, garage, shed, or basement today.

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