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Leaving Windows Open at Night

September 18, 2020

Leaving your windows open at night might not seem like a subject that requires lengthy discussion. It should be pretty simple. Either you like sleeping with the windows open, or you don’t, and it’s your choice which option will work best for you and your family. However, when you start unpacking the subject it becomes clear that it is a little more complicated than that. There are a number of reasons why you might want to leave your windows open at night (ventilation and temperature control to name a few). However, for every good reason there is a problem or challenge that comes with it. This article looks at some of the problems with leaving your windows open at night and then explores some ways to get around these issues.

windows open at night


Security is one of the foremost considerations when you decide to leave your windows open at night. Windows are one of the most common access points for burglars and home invaders and if you live in an area with high crime rates then the risks associated with an open window may be too great to even consider. Another big problem is if you have an alarm system that requires all windows to be shut, you will need to look at ways to deactivate or bypass these access points so that your alarm can still be set.

Security Solutions:

When thinking about this problem in practical terms, you can often solve it by only opening windows that don’t provide easy access to your home. Second floor windows are better (although this can lead to other problems, but more on that later) also windows that are near drainpipes or trellising should be avoided. The problem with this is that these are often not the windows you want to leave open, as they won’t necessarily provide the ventilation you need. An alternative solution is LockLatch, a window restrictor that allows you to keep any window open, but securely locked. This means you can pick the best windows for maximum ventilation and enjoy the ultimate in safe ventilation and window security and it’s quick and easy to install a LockLatch or MiniLatch device to improve airflow or achieve optimum temperatures. 

LockLatches are made from C304 stainless steel and one of the biggest advantages of choosing LockLatch is that they fit any window [or door] no matter what the frame is made of or which way it opens. So you don’t have to search for different types of window restrictors to fit a specific window in your home.

locklatch on open windows


One of the biggest ironies with regards to leaving your window open at night is that it is often a consideration for the springtime. As the world warms up and the internal temperature of your home increases so does the temptation to sleep with your window open. However, for those suffering from allergies or with a hypersensitivity to pollen, an open window in the springtime can cause a host of problems including nasal congestion, eye irritation and an itchy throat. 

Allergy Solutions:

There are a wide range of solutions for allergy sufferers who wish to sleep with a window open. For milder allergies, a pharmaceutical solution may do the trick. There are many allergy medicines on the market that don’t interfere with sleep, but it is important to consult your doctor or pharmacist to find the one that is right for you. Another tip is to ensure that you shower before bed and change your bedding regularly. While this will not stop allergens entering your room through the window it helps reduce their build up. Finally, you could look at installing an allergy screen, which is designed to filter allergens out of the air before they enter your bedroom.

Child Safety Solutions

One of the most serious potential problems with leaving your windows open at night relates to the issue of child safety. Closed and locked windows do not just keep burglars out, they also keep young children in. This is particularly important when it comes to second story windows or people who live in apartment blocks. While even a locked window can be risk for children an open window at night is even more dangerous as there is no parental supervision. Just take a look at this video showing a child in Spain climbing out of her apartment window, while the child from this video made it safely back into the apartment, it illustrates how quickly something can go wrong. 

Child Safety Solutions:

Child safety is one area where half measures should not be considered. There are many practical things you can do like not leaving second floor windows open and ensuring there is no furniture around that can be used to reach the windows. However, this is one area where the LockLatch device truly shines. Because LockLatch is adjustable you can ensure that your windows are only opened enough to let air in and not allow children to climb out. 


It’s not just pollen in the air that can lead to bad things blowing through your open window at night. In urban or highly populated areas, leaving your window open can leave you vulnerable to pollution, which can be detrimental to your general health and wellbeing. Unlike allergies pollution applies to every person, and the effects can be dire. Air pollution has been linked to the increased risk of respiratory conditions, including asthma and even lung cancer, and these risks are amplified in the case of pregnant women.

Pollution Solutions:

Some of the practical solutions for dealing with air pollution such as wearing a mask, which shouldn’t be done at night; or moving to a cleaner area, which isn’t always possible, don’t apply to many Americans. There are, however, some steps you can take to combat pollution in your home. Firstly, regular cleaning with eco-friendly or organic cleaners can make a huge difference to the buildup of pollutants. This includes changing bedding, but also vacuuming your carpets and mattress as these are areas where pollution can get trapped. Another solution that simultaneously beautifies your space are houseplants. There are a range of sleep friendly houseplants which are proven to reduce pollution levels. This is a simple solution that also improves the general aesthetics of your bedroom. Finally, you can also look at installing an air purifier. There are many different models available in a wide range of prices, but we found this recent guide on which showcases some of the latest models.


Not all types of pollution relate to air quality. In areas with high traffic or busy neighborhoods an open window at night can also lead to noise pollution becoming a major problem. There’s nothing quite like trucks passing on the motorway, or a neighbor blasting loud music until the early hours of the morning to rob you of a good night’s sleep. And while there are many practical solutions to the problem such as double-glazed windows, leaving your window open will negate the positive effects of these solutions.

Noise Solutions:

As we mentioned general noise solutions such as double-glazed windows don’t apply if your window is left open. The simplest and most cost effective solution is to invest in some high quality earplugs, which have been specifically designed for sleeping. Alternatively, you can go the technological route and invest in a white noise machine, these machines have become quite advanced and offer the option to fall asleep to a variety of natural sounds aimed at blocking out background noise. 

Wet Weather

Depending where in the country you live the elements, such as wind and rain, can make leaving a window open impractical. The colder, wetter months are some of the most important times to allow for ventilation in your home to prevent the buildup of damp and mildew that can lead to health problems. However, if you live in an area with high rainfall an open window can lead to many of the problems you are trying to combat by leaving your windows open in the first place. Not only can rain and moisture lead to a build-up of mold, but rain entering through a window can lead to water damage on the interior window frame (which often isn’t as well waterproofed as the exterior) as well as damaged furniture, carpets and appliances.

Wet Weather Solutions:

Many of the solutions to rain coming through your open window involve costly physical renovations such as the installation of awnings and often these are only effective if there is no wind blowing the rain into your house. Another solution is the installation of a rain screen, such as this one, although you will need to find one that fits your window. LockLatch provides an elegant alternative solution allowing you to keep your windows ajar, which will reduce the amount of rain that enters your home and can be fitted to any type of window. Although it is not a 100% waterproof solution its adjustable nature means window opening can be reduced in the case of heavy rains or storms.

We hope this article has helped you find ways to enjoy the advantages of open windows at night, without the risks. The health benefits of proper ventilation in your home cannot be emphasized enough, and as you have seen almost every problem has a relevant solution, so that you can sleep easy in fresh air and with total peace of mind.

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