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Locklatch Lockable Latch


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Our lockable latches are made from stainless steel with a satin finish. They fit any door, window or hatch, whichever way they open and whatever they are made of.

LockLatch™ is adjustable from 3.6” to 6.7” [9cms to 17cms], quality assured and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

FREE delivery for orders of 3 or more units.
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US$62 – US$59 In Stock
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US$621-2 units
US$613-5 units
US$606-9 units
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Locklatch Lockable Latch


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PetLatch™ is simply a lockable latch that allows you to leave any window or door open but locked ! Whatever they are made of and whichever way they open.

Adjustable between 5.7” to 9” [16cms to 24cms] it’s an ideal alternative to a Cat Door or Doggie Door. Made from C304 stainless steel your PetLatch™ comes with a lifetime guarantee.

FREE delivery for orders of 3 or more units.
Order now for dispatch w/c 25 March
Enquire or +27 82 447 2809
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Locklatch Lockable Latch


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MiniLatch™ is simply a lockable latch that allows you to leave a window open but locked ! Adjustable between 1.8” and 3.1” [4.5 – 8 cms] it’s a great way to let fresh air in and keep opportunistic intruders out. Made from C304 stainless steel your MiniLatches come with a lifetime guarantee.

FREE delivery for orders of 3 or more units.
Order now for dispatch w/c 25 March
Enquire or +27 82 447 2809
US$62 – US$59 In Stock
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US$621-2 units
US$613-5 units
US$606-9 units
US$5910+ units

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Thanks v much for the PetLatch – fitted to the window now, and v good; especially impressed with the inclusion of security screws – how thoughtful! James ~ Wiltshire, UK
The LockLatches I purchased are working very well. I am using them on newly installed patio door side vents. They allow us to keep the side vent/vents open during the day or evening, with some degree of security. Keith ~ Marietta, GA, USA
If all else fails look on the troubleshooting page. LOL. I followed the directions and it works perfectly now. Thank you for this great product. We keep our cat box on an upstairs balcony and now I can sleep soundly knowing no one can climb in. I am going to share it with all of my animal loving friends in California. Art Weeks ~ California, USA
Hi Steve - the latch arrived yesterday, is installed and works exactly as promised (we had a 90+kph windstorm blow through in the afternoon so a good test I think). I'm greatly impressed with the quality of the workmanship and attention to detail. And, while we don't currently need baboon-proof door latches in the Seattle area with global warming one never knows what the future may bring. Thanks for your assistance. Richard Haggart ~ Seattle, WA
Hi Steve, I installed it myself. Thanks so much. Gretha
I don’t have to shut all the windows downstairs every time I go upstairs. LockLatch™ prevents opportunistic burglaries. Samantha Botha ~ Cape Town, SA
I absolutely love my PetLatch. I go out during the day and my two Yorkies can still get in and out of the house! I have recommended in now to several friends and also LockLatch for their windows Lee Wells ~ SA
Lock Latch is an excellent lockable latch. It’s easy to fit, easy to use and very strong and secure. My inward opening front window is right on the street and because of the unusual design, I had trouble finding something that fit. This is perfect. Sue Read ~ East Sussex, UK
Perfect for making my kitty happy, burglars not so much... Michelle Magson ~ Cape Town, SA
When we adopted our puppy, we needed to install a pet door. After considering traditional doggy doors, we found LockLatch™. We decided to go with your product because it was competitively priced and we are very happy with our decision. We were able to install it ourselves and love the flexibility of being able to adjust it as our puppy grows. Highly recommended. Lisa Smith ~ Birmingham, UK
We have and we love it!! I will absolutely take a picture tonight and post it to your fbook!! :) thank you again for the info and wonderful product! Holly Alex ~ Oceanside, California.
We searched forever to find one window and door latch to fit all our windows and doors of our caravan… until we found LockLatch™. It works perfectly as a window restrictor and door latch in our Caravan to let the air in, but keep thieves out. Daniel Harding ~ Leeds, UK
I received my Locklatch yesterday and fitted it to the back door of my home. The door needs to be open for my dog. 
The fitment was very easy, with the rivets and screws supplied, and the LockLatch™ works perfectly. 
Thank you very much and congratulations on a wonderful product. Willem ~ Wierdapark, SA
This product is fab! My dog loves it more than his last doggy door. Sarah ~ Leeds, UK
As soon as I have installed the LockLatch™ on a steel screen door to let the dogs through while we’re at home, I’ll send a photo and a small write-up about the application of the product and the dedicated client service from your end. You might be able to use it somewhere in your marketing. 
Yip, I miss my 23 years of sailor days, - but am working towards a riverboat medical mission on the Congo River, along with sustainable village co-operative models for agriculture in Southern-Africa. 
Thanks again Steve, and FastWay! Johan Meintjes ~ Kammeeldrif East, SA
We are extremely happy with our lock latches, and they really do work. Plus when the grandkids are visiting, they give us 100% more peace of mind when we’re working in the garden. They are also a great security, without having to have burglar bars. Jenny ~ Wakefield, UK
Extremely fast service; locklatches were at the Post Office this morning and are already installed. Impressive, both your service and that of the much-maligned PO. Mike Burger ~ Clanwilliam, SA
I am super impressed with the quality of the lock latch. Brilliant deal! Paul ~ Southampton, UK
Hi Steve, Thank you for your communication, I really appreciate you accommodating me, your customer service is truly excellent, thank you. Please could I have 4 Lock-latches delivered to my address in Gordon's Bay. And again thank you for the World Class Customer Service. Kind regards, Mike. Michael Haigh ~ Gordons Bay, SA
Great service and fast delivery. Peter ~ Brighton, UK
Just to let you know that we received the Locklatch very promptly, have installed it and the dog got the hang of it straight away. Thanks very much. Old fashioned service. What a pleasure. Jeff Smith ~ Orange Grove, SA
Just what I had been looking. Dennis ~ London, UK
Good Morning "LockLatch" Team, I was pleasantly surprised this morning to open up my emails and I found this wonderful product you are selling. This is just what I have been looking for. Debbie ~ Nigel, SA
The PetLatch has just been delivered and is perfect for my door. Thanks ever so much for expediting delivery. Please pass on my thanks to all involved, the service you all provided was second to none. Thanks again, Sue ~ Oldham, UK
I would also like to add that I am very impressed with the quality of the product. Robin Brown ~ Pretoria, SA
I moved into my new cottage in March and needed latches for a lot of windows and doors. Very happy to have found one latch for all my windows and doors. Saved so much time and hassle. Celia ~ Poole, UK
Thank you Steve! – sold my Cottage and currently looking for new home – just felt so much safer with my lock latches on my enclosed stoep Belinda Paxton ~ Cape Town, SA
My husband was doing the fitting – he found the pictures supplied by customers in the gallery the most useful as one showed the installation exactly as we wanted. I thought cost was quite reasonable, I would have been prepared to pay more to make sure I had the most secure lock for my home and it was the security details on your web-site that helped me make my choice. We’ve used the lock in our conservatory window to help with ventilation and provide access for our cats. I didn’t order the pet latch as I didn’t want the opening to be too much, and so far it is working very well. Heather ~ Antrim, UK
Dear Jen, just want to let you know we are extremely happy with our lock latches, and they really do work. We have had no baboons in the house, since we started using the lock latches. They are also a great security, without having to have burglar bars. No-one can get in when they are locked, and we still have fresh air. I will recommend them to anyone, with no problem at all. Kind regards Sue Woker ~ Hermanus, SA
I like this idea especially if you keep your windows open for fresh air. Even though you have burglar proofing inside, this just gives you that extra sense of security that somebody wouldn’t be able to open the window all the way to grab something from inside or force the burglar proofing open. Makes it a little bit safer and secure. It also gives you that extra few minutes to phone for help and to get your security company to come to your aid. I would put to on each window though. Great idea. Nicky Liu ~ Johannesburg, SA
I really love the product or should I say my dog loves it more, because he can move in and out as he wishes Andre ~ Bloemfontein, SA
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