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5 Window Stoppers & Locks for Better Home Security

April 11, 2019

Window security is hardly a new topic. Windows remain one of the most common ways for intruders to gain entry into a home. Luckily this means that there are already a wide variety of window stoppers and locks aimed at improving your home security.

Before we get into window security we want to first speak about the windows themselves. This could help you better understand what type of window stopper or lock will be the best fit for your home. Although there are many custom and unique types of windows, generally, windows fit into one of four types.


Sliding Windows, which can open vertically or horizontally and are secured to a track on one or both sides.


Awning Windows are windows that open outwards and are hinged near the top, to open horizontally like a garage door. These are usually, but not exclusively, for windows that are wider than they are tall.


Casement Windows are windows that open outwards and are hinged on the sides, opening vertically like a door. They are one of the most common form of window and come in a wide variety of sizes and materials.


Finally, you have the Single or Double-Hung Sash Window, a true classic that slides open from top to bottom. 


The final thing we want to look at it is different materials windows are made of. The two most common materials are wood and metal (usually aluminum). There are many other types of windows such as fiberglass windows on a boat or caravan,  vinyl windows etc, but we want to keep our focus on the most common types of windows found in a home. So now that we know a little more about our windows, let’s take a look at some of the security solutions on the market.



The major drawcard of the Andersen Double-Hung Window Opening Control Device (we know it’s a mouthful) is the fact that you can open your window without having to remove the lock and that it immediately locks into place when you shut the window. However, despite this ingenious design the Andersen lock does come with some limitations. Firstly, it is designed specifically for single or double-hung sash windows, and its construction is designed to be fitted to wooden windows only. Secondly, once it is installed the opening height is set and if you want to change the size of the opening, the device will need to be reinstalled. But if this meets your requirement it provides an elegant solution, if not keep reading.



Inspired by chain locks on apartment doors, the Canzak Window Restrictor Cable works by attaching one part to the moving part of the window and the other to the frame. A cable runs between these anchor points to stop the window being opened wider than intended. The Canzak lock provides a truly versatile solution as it can be fitted to almost any window or door and the simple design means that windows will only open as wide as the adjustable cable is set. While the cable can be unlocked allowing you to open your window completely it is not intended to lock a window in the closed position. The Canzak Lock installs easily with a few screws although it requires custom installation for metal and aluminium doors. In addition, a product is only as strong as it’s weakest part (the cable) so the Canzak Window Restrictor supplies only moderate security.



We decided to put our own product here because it shares a few design similarities with the Canzak lock. It also attaches two anchors to the frame and window, and these can also be attached to any window or door, whichever way it opens and whatever it is made of. The major difference is where the Canzak uses a cable  and LockLatch employs an adjustable stainless steel bar. The LockLatch is also lockable so you, providing great security and peace of mind. LockLatch comes complete with the one way screws and pop rivets you need to attach it to either wood, metal, aluminum or uPVC. The steel bar can be adjusted to any size between 3.6 inches and 6.3 inches making it suitable for child safety and secured ventilation. We have so much faith in our robust design that we offer a lifetime guarantee on every LockLatch device sold.



Despite the name the Burglabar is more of a window stopper than a window lock. It doesn’t add much to the security of your windows, but instead represents a very easy to install and quick fix, designed specifically for a sliding windows. The stopper fits onto the glass surface of the sliding door with a special 3M adhesive and while the fit is relatively secure it won’t keep anyone who really wants to gain entry out. Instead it is intended to add an extra level of safety rather than represent a security solution in its own right.



Another great little device is the WindoBully, it is designed to fit any sliding window or door. It’s small, but super easy to install (it installs in seconds regardless of the particular sliding door). It can be adjusted into locked, partially open and or fully open settings, which makes it a great solution that offers home security, child safety or even ventilation. 


There are many window stoppers and window locks available on the market, far too many for us to feature in one article. Is there one that has worked perfectly for you that you think we should mention? Why not send us an email with some information about it and perhaps we will feature it in a future article. Please email Steve on [email protected].


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