The LockLatches I purchased are working very well. I am using them on newly installed patio door side vents. They allow us to keep the side vent/vents open during the day or evening, with some degree of security.Keith ~ Marietta, GA, USA

If all else fails look on the troubleshooting page. LOL. I followed the directions and it works perfectly now. Thank you for this great product. We keep our cat box on an upstairs balcony and now I can sleep soundly knowing no one can climb in. I am going to share it with all of my animal loving friends in California. Art Weeks ~ California, USA

Hi Steve – the latch arrived yesterday, is installed and works exactly as promised (we had a 90+kph windstorm blow through in the afternoon so a good test I think). I’m greatly impressed with the quality of the workmanship and attention to detail. And, while we don’t currently need baboon-proof door latches in the Seattle area with global warming one never knows what the future may bring. Thanks for your assistance.Richard Haggart ~ Seattle, WA


Secure a Window & Use as a Door Latch

FROM $41.99 – $38.99

LockLatch™ is simply a lockable latch that allows you to leave your windows or doors open but locked.

It’s easy to install, adjustable with a gap from 3.6” to 6.7” [9cms to 17cms] and prevents opportunistic theft and wind damage while providing fresh air, keeping your children safe, giving small pets access and you peace of mind. Delivery cost of $8.15 included
for purchases of 3 or more units
FROM $52.99 – $49.99

PetLatch™ is simply a lockable latch that allows you to leave any window or door open but locked!

Whatever they are made of and whichever way they open. Adjustable between 6.3” to 9.4” [16cms to 24cms] it’s an ideal alternative to a Cat Flap [1000/.83] or Doggy Door 49500/1]. Made from high grade C304 stainless steel your PetLatch™ comes with a lifetime guarantee Delivery cost of $8.15 included
for purchases of 3 or more units

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